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Desiccant DryersForemost Machine Builders designs and manufactures a full line of twin tower dehumidifying or desiccant dryers for drying hygroscopic and non-hygroscopic plastic resins. When your plant requirements demand high productivity on a continuous basis, you will find that our series TTD Dehumifying Dryer packages provide the dependable, efficient operation needed to succeed in today's competitive processing environment. As plant managers face increasing pressure to cut costs while maintaining production levels, many operations are finding some solutions in the re-optimization of existing material handling systems and equipment. Our patented twin tower desiccant dyers were specifically designed for drying hygroscopic materials such as plastic resins. Equipped with features such as separate blowers and filters for processing and regeneration circuits, digital process temperature control, switch selectable (Time/Dewpoint) cycle control, nonproprietary PLC based controls and a high temperature option of up to 400 degrees, our desiccant dryers offer the best dying technology available.

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Desiccant Dryer Technology

For over half a century, desiccant dryers have proven time and again that they are the most reliable, economical and effective drying system on the market. Before purchasing your next desiccant dyer you should know what your options are and be clear about what you expect from the dryer you choose. With four basic configurations to choose from: machine-mounted, beside-the-press, or the larger central drying systems, and the newer portable or off-the-press systems, each was designed to meet specific processing requirements. Within each of these configurations you also have a choice between the traditional twin-tower dual desiccant unit, the multiple-bed unit and the more unconventional types, i.e., desiccant impregnated cartridges.

Dryer HoppersFor the most part, traditional twin tower desiccant dryers operate in the following way: warm dry air is sent through a hopper containing plastic resin and removes the moisture from the resin. The moisture laden air is sent through a dessicant bed where the moisture is absorbed from the air stream by the desiccant. This air is then reheated and sent back to the hopper of resin to remove additional moisture in a closed loop. The quality of the dry air is monitored by a dew-point sensor set as required for the desired degree of drying. When the moisture-absorbing capacity of the desiccant reaches its limit, the airflow is automatically switched to a second desiccant chamber to maintain the drying process. Meanwhile the first desiccant chamber is regenerated by heating it to remove moisture and then cooling it so it can resume absorbing water.

Advantages of Desiccant Drying Technology

As a trusted drying technology, our desiccant dryers rarely break down and typically last a very long time. They feature a dew point-controlled regeneration switchover which guarantees the active use of a drying cell until its moisture saturation point. This considerably extends the duration of cell use. A unit providing 475 cfm of air will give you substantial cost savings in electrical costs compared to a noncontrolled drying system. Our dryers also include:

  • separate blowers and filters for processing and regeneration circuits.
  • digital process temperature control.
  • switch selectable (Time/Dewpoint) cycle control.
  • nonproprietary PLC based controls.
  • high temperature option of up to 400 degrees.

Desiccant Dryers

TTD - 8CH Dehumidifying Dryer

Desiccant Dryers

Foremost was proud to introduce the Twin Tower Desiccant Dryer at the show in Chicago. This model featured separate blowers and filters for processing and regeneration circuits, digital process temperature control, switch selectable (Time/Dewpoint) cycle control and a high temperature option package of up to 350 degrees. Other notable features included:

  • Standard PLC logic control with digital temperature and dewpoint controllers
  • Sizes from 100 - 3000 CFM
  • -40 Dewpoint or lower
  • Dual stage process air filter
  • Tubular insulated heaters
  • Optional high temperature package with water to air return air aftercooler
  • Full range of hoppers from 100 - 10,000 lbs. capacity
Model TTD-2 TTD-3 TTD-5 TTD-8 TTD-10 TTD-12
AIRFLOW (CFM) 200 300 500 800 1000 1200
DESSICANT/BED (LBS) 50 80 150 198 250 300
DUCT DIA. (IN) 3-7/8 5-7/8 5-7/8 7-7/8 7-7/8 7-7/8
HEIGHT-(A) (IN) 70 80 80 100 105 105
WIDTH-(B) (IN) 60 72 72 86 96 96
DEPTH-(C) (IN) 40 45 45 54 63 63
WEIGHT (LBS) 540 1000 1300 2000 2200 3000

For over 50 years Foremost has been engineering and manufacturing solutions to material handling problems. We have provided the highest quality equipment in our engineered systems and dependable dryer packages. Our standard high quality components are matched with a conservative engineering factor to provide the end user with years of low cost, low maintenance productivity.

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Desiccant Dryers


Desiccant Dryers

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