Metal Detector Applications

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Metal detectors are used for various applications in the food, plastics and pharmaceutical industries. Classic fields of application include the protection of machines, i.e., damage to tools, mills, automats etc., from metallic pieces, object counting or sensing in automated manufacturing. The use for quality control processes is quickly becoming more and more important in the plastics industry (control of purity of materials and products), in the food industry (consumer protection) and in the pharmaceutical industry.

We provide the right solution for each application. In order to achieve optimum results our team will collect all the facts that should be taken into consideration prior to the use of any metal detector. High-sensitivity sensors have to be applied accurately to tap their full potential. Our sales engineers will be at your disposal - on-site if necessary. For those difficult applications it is possible to use machines on a "trial basis" in order to collect and to take into account important criteria previous to purchase.

Food Processing

Many of our devices are used in the food industry. The compliance with legal restraints and requirements of the markets concerning the adherence with several quality standards ( IFS ; HACCP ; ISO ; FDA ) is no problem due to our M-PULSE electronics with logging and cross-linking. All relevant data can be collected, processed and achived completely and centrally for future reference. Many of our detectors are made of stainless steel and are available at a rating of IP65 or higher.

Plastic Processing

Our metal detectors can rid your process line of both ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants down to 0.02" found in free falling material, vacuum conveying lines, and on belt conveyors. Once detected, the metal is separated before the material is processed, helping you to protect your equipment and improve the quality of your product.

Pharmaceutical Processing

No where is the detection of metal contamination more important than in the making of tablets and pills. The making of tablets and pills requires strict monitoring to avoid metal contamination and to meet strict hygienic requirements. To this end all of o9ur machines are easy to clean and maintain.

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metal detectors and separators

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