Choosing A Metal Detector

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There are various characteristics or features in a metal detector that qualifies it for use in specific applications. The principal characteristics of a metal detector are listed below:

1. Size: The size of the sensor in the metal detector should be adapted to the size of the product. If the metal detector is too large, this can cause a loss of sensitivity. For each of our detectors we provide different sized sensors depending on the size of the product. If the right sized sensor for your applications is not included in the metal detector please contact our sales department.

2. Sensitivity: It is important that you choose a level of sensitivity that will remove the expected level of contamination. Too little sensitivity can lead to deficient results. Metal detectors with a high level of sensitivity are generally more expensive and more difficult to operate.

3. Equipment: If you require a special feature that is not included, we offer systems with a wide range of accessories. On request we can custom design a metal detecting solution to meet your special needs.

4. Design: Along with the dimension of the device characteristics as the operating temperature, the protection class and the material are of great importance. Sensors are available in all possible protection classes as well as in various materials. Especially for applications in the food industry or in other branches requiring high hygienic standards we provide sensors and devices in stainless steel or in food safe plastic. Please consider these facts and try to fi x your requirements in the run-up in order to choose the right device.

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metal detectors and separators


metal detectors and separators

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