Installing a Metal Detector

metal tunnel separators

Aside from selecting the right metal detector for your particular application, it is also important that you install your metal detector in the best location possible. Try to install the machine where the potential for pollution is low, the possibility for injury is low, damage to the machine itself is unlikely, and where contamination is virtually nonexistent.

In many cases, it is not unusual to have more than one metal detector operating at the same time. In these cases, the sensitivity of detector can be adversely affected. In most cases, our metal detectors are checked on their ability to reduce external interferences. Within certain parameters, these external influences can be eliminated by constant testing and recalibration. If you need help reducing these external influences or finding the right place to put your metal dectector, don't hesitate to contact our sales staff.

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metal detectors and separators


metal detectors and separators

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