What is Product Effect?

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Metal detectors are designed to generate a signal whenever a metal particle is detected in a product. One of the biggest problems with metal detection arises from the nature of the products themselves. Food, for instance, can exhibit certain properties that can confuse the metal detector into thinking that there is metal where there is none.

Electrical conductivity in foods such as cheese, fresh meat, warm bread, jam and pickles can generate a signal in a metal detector even though metal is not present. This phenomenon is known as the product effect. It is best to be aware of this phenomenon and to work with your metal detector supplier or manufacturer to determine the best means to compensate for it.

Metal detection technology concentrates on sensors using one or several coils that generate electromagnetic fields. As material is moved through these electromagnetic fields, any flutuations in the field are recorded and indicate either the existence or non-existence of metal particles. These flutuatations or effects are registered and analysed by metal detection software. Not only can metallic objects influence electromagnetic fields, conductive materials or materials with certain dielectric characteristics can also cause similar effects. This so called product effect excites an alarm for the detection of metal even though there is no metal in the material. There are two possible solutions to this problem.

1. Reduce your sensitivity levels until there are no more faulty alarms. While this is the less expensive option, there is a loss of sensitivity.
2. Install a multi-coil-system with digital evaluation software to elminate product effect. This is more expensive, but there is no loss of sensitivity.

Our metal detectors offer two high-capacity electronics with precise fade-out of the product effect. The M-Pulse electronics is able to collect and save several product adjustments as well as the information concerning the product effect. This data is recorded (memory capacity for 199 products) and can be recalled if necessary. The data also can be transferred to a PC computer, adapted, transferred again or archived using a network. The smaller Digital+ metal detector represents the connection between high-end devices and standard devices. Due to the attractive price and the easy handling customers can now profit from modern electronics with fade-out of the product effect also for simple and cost-sensitive applications.

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