Metal Detectors and Separators

Metal Tunnel Detectors

Rid your food and plastic process line of metal contaminants with industrial metal detectors and separation systems from Foremost. Finding the most effective product for your process depends on a host of factors from the size the metal to be detected, the type of product being monitored to where the metal separator will be used, i.e., in a conveyor line or a free falling material line.

Foremost Machine Builders are uniquely placed to provide plastic, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers with the resources needed to minimise the threat of harmful product contamination posed by fragments of metal. We offer the latest in metal detection technology that eliminates environmental conditions and product effects from disturbing the metal detection process.

In those cases where you're not sure what level of sensitivity is needed, we offer metal detectors at three performance levels. Our metal detectorsare sensitive enough to detect and reject both ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants from 0.5 mm (normal) down to 0.4 mm (high) and 0.3 mm for those extremely sensitive industries. Learn more about choosing a metal detector. Click here for more information about our new digital metal detectors.


Large Scale Metal Separators

For the plastics industry, we offer a variety of metal detectors from metal extractors for vacuum conveyor systems, to compact and large scale separators for bulk material handling, drum and compressed air separators for injection molding machines, tunnel and surface detectors for conveyor belts and ring detectors for process control systems. learn more >>


The presence of metal shards from broken process machinery is a major safety issue to food processors. Metal detectors for detecting foreign bodies in food are widely used and integrated into the production line. For the food industry, we offer a broad spectrum of metal separators from tunnel detectors for checking packaged goods on a conveyor belt to sausage filling detectors. We also offer metal detectors for liquids, and bulk foods. They can be used for detecting metals in everything from cheese products, cold meats to vegetables, beverages, fruits, baked goods and unprocessed goods. learn more >>


Ring Detectors Tablets, pills and powders. All require strict monitoring to avoid metal contamination. The pharmaceutical industry is also an industry with strict hygienic requirements. While tablets, pills and powders are monitored for metal using sensitive detectors prior to being packaged, our metal detectors are easy to clean and maintain. learn more >>

Why should you invest in metal detection equipment?

Metal Extractors Some of the reasons include product safety, protection of equipment, obligation to your customers and regulatory compliance. It is the function of metal separators to detect metallic contaminants in non-metallic products such as plastic, food and tablets and pills. Unless monitored properly, contaminated products will not only cause significant production losses, but could be harmful to the consumer. Once detected, the metal is separated before the material is processed, helping you to protect your equipment and improve the quality of your product. In the plastic, food and pharmaceutical industries, where industry and governmental standards are extremely stringent, metal detection is of the highest priority.

If your line can do without metal contaminants, give us a call. We'll give you complete information on dependable fully engineered systems, on-time delivery, and full warranties.

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metal detectors and separators


metal detectors and separators

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