MESEP GF Bulk Goods Metal Detectors

Model Name MESEP GF standard 150 MESEP GF standard 200 MESEP GF standard 250
Mechanical Details
Installation height (with reject flap) 790 (1200) mm 790 (1200) mm 1100 (1605) mm
Width/Depth 568/615 mm 568/615 mm 800/940 mm
Nominal width 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm
Material of Installing frames Stainless steel
Material of reject device Stainless steel
Material of ring Stainless steel
Protection Tube Material (optional) Polyethylene, POM, Glas
Protection class of detector IP 65

Application Conditions
Material throughput depends on the properties of material and complete conveyor system <43,000 I/h <74.000 I/h <115.000 I/h
Max. drop speed of bulk material 100 - 4.000 mm/sec
Max. permissible bulk material temperature 80 °C
Max. permissible device temperature 0-60 °C
Properties of the bulk material flowable

Sensitivity Adjustable Maximal (no product effect assumed)
At the center of detector [Ferrous/Fe/Ne/VA-bullet in app. 3.0/3.9/4.5 app. 4.0/5.2/6.0 app. 4.0/5.2/6.0
Sensitivity is adjustable by Potentiometer
Mode of operation of evaluation electronics analog
Mode of operation of ring detector Oscilator

Connection data  
Operartional voltage 230 V/50 Hz
Compressed air supply 4-6 bar, filtered, free of water and oil
Power Input <25 VA
3 m Connecting cable L1/N/PE*1.5 mm2
Input Test button
Output signals
Transistor output metal detection 24 V/20 mA
Power supply of the periphery 24 V /100 mA
Metal Detection/self-monitoring Change-over contact 2*250 V/5A
Protocol printer Check & catch filter for test cubes
Reject mechanism for abrasive products Cleaning door for reject mechanism
Test cubes Electro polished pipe parts
Test opening sur coil Extension pipe for big falling heights
Reject and flap supervisions  


Metal removed during bag filling with Mesep GF standard.

150 1200 790 615 568 43000 3.0 3.9 4.5
250 1605 1100 800 685 115000 4.0 5.2 6.0

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