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Solid construction Hygenic
All conveyors are constructed of high quality stainless steel rectangular tubing 2" x 4 [50 mm x 100 mm] and 2" x 2" [50 mm x 50 mm]. All welds are inspected for quality and solid construction. All welds are ground and polished to provide a clean surface. Welded inserts in the support frame prevent water entry into the frame.
Conveyor Controls Variable frequency drives
Conveyor controls are conveniently located in one Stainless Steel enclosure. START, STOP and RESET buttons are located on the enclosure for ease of operation. Optional key reset switches can be provided to allow security of the monitoring of metal detector reset due to company policy of HACCP requirements. Hitachi [220 VAC] or Allen Bradley [110 VAC] are available as standard equipment.
Special Washdown
Conveyors can be provided with special modifications for high pressure washdown applications. These modifications provide hygenic and operational protection against high pressure/high temperature water cleaning.
Conveyor Systems
Pulsotronic offers complete systems consisting of conveyor belt HQ and metal detector M-Pulse. The belts are available in standard [short terms of delivery] and customized equipment. A complete system is ready for operation immediately after installation. The HQ conveyor is made of sturdy stainless steel, appropriate for use in food industry. They are maintenance free and constructed for a durable operation in an industrial environment.

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