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Food Metal SeparatorsWhen metal material is detected in a product on a conveyor belt, it can be manually removed or it can be removed automatically by something called an ejector system. In most cases, food processors will opt for an automatic ejector system as long as these systems will work for specific products.

Products with at least 300 mm of space between the metal detector and the ejector system are easily removed from the conveyor belt. The space betweeen the detector and the ejection device can be set and a photoelectric barrier behind the detector ensures the necessary synchronization so that ejection can occur in an optimum fashion. If the products are lying too close behind one another, increasing the conveyor belt speed can move them apart somewhat.

To ensure the ejected products do not accidentally get back into production, we offer a lockable collection receptacle. If several products are running beside one another, belt lugs or flaps that can be pulled back again can be used at the end of the belt. Those pullable belt lugs also have the advantage that the belt does not have to be stopped.

If the speed of the belt is altered using the detector’s operating panel, this also automatically changes the timing for the ejector. The speed of the product can adversely affect the detection process if the speed has to be manually adjusted after the belt has been changed. With our MPulse detectors, this is not a problem. The operator can adjsut the speed at any time without even having to think about ejector synchronization or speed parameters. Food Metal Separators

Ejecting Systems

Transversal pusher: for ejecting cartons, taller products.
Linear pusher: for ejecting flat products. Requires brief automatic belt stop. If several products are next to each another.
Flap-operated ejector: at end of belt.
Belt lugs: that can be pulled back, for ejection without a belt stoppage for several products positioned next to each other, (pizzas, biscuits, fancy chocolates).
Miscellaneous ejector mechanisms: Compressed air nozzles (light products) or flip arm (for gentle ejection of products such as glass or cans).

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