MPULSE IN Liquid Metal Detectors

Model Name MPULSE IN Liquid
1 M-Pulse electronic box [for wall mounting], 1 sensor in a stainless steel housing.
3 m [max. 15 m] sensor cable with protection hose, 1 stainless steel assembling frame.
for piping Ø 40 mm, Ø 50 mm, Ø 65 mm, Ø 80 mm, Ø 100 mm, Ø 125 mm
Mounting position typically horizontal, but also every other mouting valve permissbly
Pipe connection welding adapters with Tri-Clamp 1.4401/AISI316L, knuckle thread and milk thread connection, IP 65/NEMA 6
Pipeline at the ring PVDF plastic max. 16 bar, max. 120° C appropriate to CIP cleaning
Protection class IP 65 [higher on request]
Metal-free zone for flexible metals 1.5 x nominal diameter around the sensor
Metal free zone for non-flexible metals 1 x nominal diameter around the sensor
Application Conditions
Max. Product Temperature -10° C... +120° C
Ambient Temperature -10° C... +50° C
Components encountering the products Stainless steel 14301 PVDF [all FDA admitted]
Filling Pressure max. 16 bar during max 120° C
Product Speed adjustable 30 - 2000 mm/sec
Sensitivity * *Unaccounted for product effect
Ø 40/50/65 mm FE 0.5 AL 0.7 SS 0.8
Ø 80 mm FE 0.6 AL 0.7 SS 0.8
Ø 100/125 mm FE 0.7 AL 0.8 SS 1.0

Embodiment M-Pulse IN Liquid 80 With Valve Flap

MPULSE Control Electronic

Without product effect blanking-out

The new generation in metal detecting technology
The product effect blanking out of the detectors was refined further. Especially the electric conductivity of the black plastic products in influencing the measurement signals of the metal detector. Only if these signals are precisely characterisized and filtered, even the smallest metallic particles can be found in such products. This precision of product effect blanking out is achieved by digial sensor processor technology of the latest generation.

In practical use, settings of metal detectors often need to be checked quickly and reliably during running applications. That is why great value was attached to user friendly operation.

The software is self-explanatory and leads the operator step by step through the setup means. A LED bar indicates the quantity of the product effect and the metal detection threshold. The unit is operated by means of a foil keyboard at the outer side of the control cabinent.

The tranducer amplification is automatically adpating to the product. In case that products with both very great and very low product effects are scanned be one and the smae metal dtector, the unit will automatically select the optimum amplification.

- Precise metal detection on highest level - Large Sensor Enclosures
>The MPULSE digital electronic unit supplies excellent and reliable metal search results during operation. Shield the device effectively against electromagnetic interference fields and concentrate the measuring field in the sensor coil.
Digital Balance Control Highest ensurance
Keeps the detector coil always at the optimum working point and compensates temperature and humidity influences. The extra study sensor construction is designed to operate under extreme conditions which cause others to fail.
Digital Frequency Control Intuitive Operation
>Guarantees constantly stable coil frequencies and phases. The display shows only the information that is really necessary. Reduction to the essential makes operation clear and transparent.
Digital Noise Filters Programmable function keys
Eliminate undesired signals. You can assign frequently used functions and call them later at the touch of a button, i.e., the learning function.
Digital product effect blanking out Product effect library
Ensures optimum recognition even in wet products. Product effects are blanked out and compensated in an intelligent way [tracking] To store and recall the characteristics of 199 different products.
Network options Training Function
Ethernet, WLAN, Rs485 or RS282 Provides simple and quick learning of 3 product characterisitics for product effect compensation.
  Password protection
  Against unauthorised operation.
Operation Safety
Maintenance Free Timer
The MPULSE digitalized circuitry ensures many years of reliable performance. [Pulse length, pulse delay] to control separating systems in a synchronised way.
Automatic Self-Control Acquisition of internal operation data
Possible functional defects of the device are displayed at a separate output contact. Events such as metal detections or parameter settings are stored including date and time and can be read on the display or exported via serial interface.

Technical Data  
Operational voltage 230V/50Hz (others at inquiry)
Power Consumption 40 watts
Ambient temperature -0° C... +50° C
Protection class IP 65, as option IP 67
Housing Stainless steel 1.4301, attached to the side of the sensor or wall mounting.
Connecting cable 3 m, with protection tube
Weight 8 kg
Measuring system Inductive
Control Electronics
  • Latest digital technology
  • Digital dynamic noise filter
  • Digital balance control
  • Digital temperature drift control
  • Digital frequency control
  • Self-monitoriing of function
  • No maintenance required
  • Self-adjusting of all circuits
  • Keyboard
  • LC - Display
  • Intuitive, self-explaining menus
  • LEDs bar meter [metal signal]
  • LEDs for OK/Fault Metal
  • Timer for reject device control
  • Password protection
  • History feature [data logging]
Numbers of storage locations 199
Product effect compensation automatically, with learning mode
Output signals
  • 2 x floating distance changeover contact [48 V/5 A]
  • 6 x switching output [24 V/200 mA]
  • 12 x switching output [24V/20mA]
Input signals 16 x inputs electrically isolated [24V DC]
Logging interface Ethernet, WLAN, Rs232 or RS485
Option [Accessories]  
  • audible danger signal (buzzer)
  • otical danger signal (xenon flash light)
  • Protokoll printer
  • Touchscreen
  • Xenon flash light
  • M-Pulse control software
  • M-Pulse Booster
M-Pulse Display M-Pulse Control Electronic

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