Large Scale Metal Separators

We offer three types of large scale metal separator devices that can be categorized in terms of performance or sensitivity and material throughput levels:

1) An analog or standard metal separator sensitive enough to detect metals parts starting at 0.5 mm and material throughput levels between 8000 and 300,000 I/h.
2) A digital metal separator for the removal of metal parts at a higher level of sensitivity starting at 0.4 mm and material throughput levels between 8000 and 300,000 I/h.
3) A digital metal separator that can achieve levels of sensitivity starting at 0.3 mm due to a new powerful digital interference suppression capability that prevents environmental conditions from disturbing the metal detection process. These units are capable of handling material throughput levels of 8000 to 300,000 I/h.

Standard Metal Separator

Our analog metal separator is ideal for those applications in the plastic, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries where free falling material falling from a height of 600 mm. With a calibration free sensor coil, these separators are designed to remove magnetic and non magnetic metal impurities in free falling raw material ranging in size from 0.5 to 2.5 mm. The large scale separators feature an extremely sturdy steel setup rack, and an extremely low knock sensitivity in a fully encapsulated high quality pick up coil. They are easy to operate and easily put into commission. Available in diameters of 35, 50, 70 and 200 mm, these robust units can handle material throughput levels ranging from 20000 to 290000 l/h.

The standard metal separator is easy to use, requires very little maintenance and can be fully serviced in a matter of minutes. All required settings are inputed by key, while all temperature variations and environmental factors are readjusted automatically. The mounting frame is either bolted or welded to the user's equipment. Metal detections or parameter settings are stored in a log list, including date and time and can be read on the display or exported via serial or ethernet link. See Standard Specifications

M-Pulse GF Metal Separator

Our digital metal separator is ideal for those applications in the plastic, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries that require higher levels of sensitivity than provided by our standard analog models. The GF model is ideal for use in gravity feed pipes and provide highly reliable protection against metal contaminants. In a typical application, the bulk material falls through the metal detector where the reject flap separates the smallest metal objects from the raw material.

The digital separator can remove metal particles starting at 0.4 mm and will remove those particles at a higher rate of reliability than its analog counterpart. The digital separator uses a highly sensitive control unit and provides greater protection against metal contamination, is more automated due to its multifunction panel. Instead of using a potentiometer like the standard analog extractor, this device has greater self monitoring capabilities and provides better protection against environmental conditions that can adversely affect the metal detection process.

The digital metal separator is easy to use, easy to setup requires very little maintenance and can be fully serviced in a matter of minutes. Once the unit is calibrated, it will never need to be recalibrated again. Multi-channel technology allows for optimal recognition of all metals, ferrous, non ferrous and stainless. Metal detection is activated by the pressing of a test button, while the sensitivity levels of the separator can be adjusted by simply pressing either a + or - button. All you need to do is provide a supply power and air. See M-Pulse GF Specifications

M-Pulse GF Compact Metal Separator

At the top of the metal detection scale, is the M-Pulse generation of metal separators. To reach higher levels of sensitivity and reliability than standard analog and digital models, the M-Pulse units use a very powerful digital PC board. The M-Pulse unit is normally recommended for use in the food industry where the demand for great sensitivity is much higher. In the plastic industry, the demand can even be higher. For these reasons, more and more processors expect more than a standard metal detection solution. Since even the smallest metal particles can damage a food or plastic processing machine, most processors are looking to the new M-Pulse generation as a possible solution. With the highest levels of sensitivity on the market, and capable of being updated to keep up with the latest in software development, the M-Pulse units of fast becoming the metal detectors of choice. See M-Pulse GF Compact Specifications

Lower Installation Height
The GF compact metal separator features a low assembly height and are designed specifically for those height restricted locations. The metal detecting performance is a little bit lower compared to the GF types.

No Faulty Metal Detection
With higher levels of sensitivity comes the problem of detecting metal where there is none. Our metal separators greately reduce faulty detection by effectively eliminating environmental conditions that can disturb the metal detection process.
No Calibration Required
Our digital models are calibration free. They will maintain their levels of sensitivity for their entire service life without any readjustment whatsoever.
Self Monitoring
All of our metal detectors are equipped with self-diagnostic capabilities, which makes them less prone to breakdowns. To minimize the risk of a malfunction, regular functional checks are self-automated and malfunctions will trigger an acoustic or visual alarm alerting you to the problem.

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