Digital Drum Metal Separators

There are two digital drum metal separators with detector coil diameters ranging from 50 to 70 mm.

Special Features We Also Offer:
  • A High level of metal detection sensitivity.
  • Compact and solid design.
  • Simple commissioning and reliable operation.
  • Reliable metal separation.
  • Self monitoring Capabilities.
  • Calibration and maintenance free.
  • No material conveyance into the machine after device error.
  • Superior customer service.
  • Short delivery times for spare components, wear parts and new drives.
  • Expert assistance during planning and consultation onsite by one of our sales representatives.
  • Workout of customized solutions for the highest sensitivity.
  • Excellent quality and more than 35 years of age experience.
  • Maintenance service on factory mostly within one week
  • First class reference assests.
  • A wide range products with many applications.

Model Name MESEP digital 50 MESEP digital 70
Mechanical Details
Installation height (include inlet flange) 320 [350] mm
Clear width inside protection tube 50 mm 70 mm
Free diameter of the detection coil 55 mm 75 mm
Weight of device (approx) 18 kg 19 kg
Load bearing capacity of the housing <150 kg
Flap Material Aluminum
Housing Material Aluminum
Protection Tube Material [optional] Pnenolic resin, ceramics, glass
Gasket Material Natural bristles
Housing fractional coated in RAL 5005
Protection class [higher available upon request] IP 50

Application Conditions
Material throughput depends on the properties of material and complete conveyor system < 2500 I/h <4000 I/h
Max. drop height of the bulk material 0 - 600 mm
Max. permissible temperature 80 °C
Max. temperature of the housing 0 - 60 °C
Properties of the bulk material dry & flowable

Sensitivity Adjustable Maximal (no product effect assumed)
At the edge of detector [Ferrous/Alu/Stainless steel ball in mm] app. 0.5/1.0/1.2 app. 0.7/1.2/1.5
Sensitivity is adjustable by Multifunctional panel
Mode of operation of evaluation electronics digital
Mode of operation of ring detector Transmitter - Receiver

Main Connections
Operartional voltage 85-284 V/4-440 Hz or 110-340 VDC
Compressed air supply 4 - 6 bar, filtered, free of water and oil
Power consumption <40 VA
3 m Connecting cable L1/N/PE*1.5 mm2

Inputs Test button
Output signals -
Transistor output Metal Detection 24 V/20 mA
Power supply for periphery 24 V/100 mA
Metal Detection/breakdown - power supply 2 * 250 V/5A

Optional Test button
Flap in position not-good, if air pressure fails or power supply fails [Option No. 40]

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