MESEP DH Surface Detectors for Conveyor Systems

Surface metal detectors for conveyor belts are electronic devices for detecting the presence of unwanted metal contamination in items moving along a conveyor belt. If you're worried about metal contaminants entering your process, and the conveyed item is fairly flat and no higher than 50 mm, then a surface detector is probably your best choice. Poorly maintained machines, the general wear and tear of the production machines are just a few of the ways that metal can enter your production process, ruin your grinder blades causing you thousands of dollars in production shutdowns.

To remove metals from your production process, a complete and total inspection of preassembled products is required to prevent these metals from leaving the plant and causing further damage. One possible solution involves examining the products at the end of the production line. Since all your products have to be transported to a conveyor belt at one time or another, a surface detector would be ideal for examining them while they are being moved to the conveyor.

Surface detectors are typically installed under the running belt cover. They can detect metal in the products above the running belt cover, but only in products that are not higher than 50 mm. Because they are located under the belt, they are not suitable for inspecting higher products, since their sensitivity decreases as the distance increases. The taller the product the less effective a surface detector will be. Anything higher than 50 mm is best analysed by a tunnel detector.


We offer a variety of surface detectors with varying detection capabilities in various module shapes. Choosing the right surface detector depends on the kind of product, its height and the type and size of metal to be detected. The MESEP AR surface detector is designed to be installed on a belt or shute conveyor. Only 35 mm high, this metal detector can be installed in places where space is limited. Availabe in three different sizes, these flat sensors can be installed side by side allowing you to scan a larger area. These detectors can also be arranged below and above the conveyor belt increasing the level of sensitivity.

Technical Highlights Technical Indication
  • Detectors are ideal for belt widths of 200 mm to 800 mm.
  • Easy to put into operation due to automatic adjustment after installation.
  • Detection of metals ranging from zinc to aluminum, copper, and high grade steel, etc.
  • Advanced evaluation electronics with dual-channel technology; automatic readjustment.
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Low overall height.
  • Large operating voltage range for AC/DC.
The MESEP® DH was developed for a large number of belt conveyors, provided that the following criterial are fulfilled:

  • The section in front of, behind, above and below the detector is metal free.
  • Rigid antivibration metal side guides are part of the belt conveyor.
  • Metal free zones of at least 300 mm must be in front of and behind the detector.
  • No belt rivets or other conductive belt components.

Model Name MESEP DH Digital 200 - 800
Cable length 2 m
Installation not flushing
Kind of detection dynamic to moved metal parts
Detection width 350 mm
Metal free zone for flexible metals 500 mm in front and behind the detector in conveying direction
Metal free zone for non flexible metals 300 mm in front and behind the detector in conveying direction
Installation height 30 mm
Installation height in conveying direction 210 mm
Material of the housing plastics
  200 mm
  250 mm
  300 mm
  350 mm
  400 mm
  450 mm
Detection width 500 mm
  550 mm
  600 mm
  650 mm
  700 mm
  750 mm
  800 mm
Customize lengths on request in 1mm stops.  

Sensitivity Ddjustable By
Distance to sensor surface detectable metallic particle [Fe bullet] at 200-600 mm scanning width detectable metallic particle [Fe bullet] at 600-1000 mm scanning width
10 mm Fe-bullet Ø 1.0 mm Fe-bullet Ø 1.5 mm
20 mm Fe-bullet Ø 1.2 mm Fe-bullet Ø 1.8 mm
30 mm Fe-bullet Ø 1.8 mm Fe-bullet Ø 2.5 mm
40 mm Fe-bullet Ø 2.2 mm Fe-bullet Ø 3.0 mm
50 mm Fe-bullet Ø 2.5 mm Fe-bullet Ø 3.4 mm
60 mm Fe-bullet Ø 3.8 mm Fe-bullet Ø 5.5 mm
70 mm Fe-bullet Ø 5.0 mm Fe-bullet Ø 7.0 mm
80 mm Fe-bullet Ø 6.0 mm Fe-bullet Ø 8.0 mm
Conveying speed 0.5 - 60 m/min
Sensitivity is adjustable by Multifunctional panel
Mode of operation of evaluation electronics digital
Mode of operation of metal detector Transmitter - Receiver

Main connection
Operational voltage 85-284 V/47-440 Hz or 110-340 V DC
Power consumption <40 VA
3 m Connection cable L1/N/PE* 1.5 mm2
Inputs Test button
Output signals -
Transistor output metal detection 24 V/20 mA
Power supply for peripheral devices 20 V/100 mA
Metal detection / self-monitoring 2 * 250 V /5A

Total width = Detection width + 30 mm Length

*Sensitivity levels will decrease because of product effects.
Send test material if you think your product is magnetic permeable or conductive.

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