Ring Detector Amplifiers For Process ControlRing Detectors Amplifier

Ring detector or sensor amplifiers are electronic devices for enhancing the ring sensor capability for detecting the presence of unwanted metal contamination in a flow of material moving through a pipe. These amplifiers are designed for normal and high sensitivity levels.

The ring sensors used in our metal separating systems can also be used as singular components in other industrial applications. For example, they can be used assensors for piece counting or for ejection control of stamping parts, for wire breakage monitoring or for the detection of metallic objects. The output signals of the ring sensors can be used for controlling, regulating, signalling or for evaluating processes. We provide a large program of ring sensors that differ in design, sensitivity or the type of the output signal.

Article Description 8102 - 0900 8102 - 0930
Operational voltage 230 V AC 115 V AC
Supply voltage vide type The switching amplifier is intended for standard flange sensors which send out only a short output pulse when metal was detected. It can also be used as a timer for standard ring sensors which send out a long output signal. The switching device includes: - a stablised, short-circuit resistant mains unit
Line frequency 50/60 Hz
Temperature range -10° C... +50° C
Output voltage [sensor feed] 24 V DC, short-circuit proof
Max. load current 80 mA
Residual current < 10 µA
Relay output 1 two-way contact, floating distance
Max. switching voltage 250 V AC
Max. switching current 5a [ohm resistive load] - an evaluation unit with adjustable pulse length of for the output signal. - possible to alternate between RETRIGGERABLE and NOT RETRIGGERABLE by insertion of a wire bridge.
Permissable breaking capacity 1100 VA - a transistor outlet and a relay change over contact.
Connect scheme Highlights:- adjustable pulse length of the output signal [10 ms to 18 sec.]
- visual indication of the output pulse by LED.- retriggerable output pulse.

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