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Scrap Reclaim SystemsForemost Machine Builders Inc. is a leading designer and provider of automated, state-of-the-art, scrap reclaim systems.We supply a closed loop or open loop system for plastic processors who want to reclaim plastic scrap that is left over from the process. We supply the following equipment:

Air Handling and Mechanical Conveying Equipment: for collecting the scrap.
Granulators: for grinding the scrap back into pellet-sized particles.
Blenders: for blending ground trim and scrap with virgin resin and additives.
Metal Separators: for automatic detection and separation of both, ferrous and non-ferrous tramp metal.
Fluff Reclaim Crammer Feeders: for blending fluff and virgin material.

Scrap reclaim systems fall into two categories:

Online Systems: where the same machine that created the scrap is used to reclaim the scrap.
Offline Systems: where the same machine that created the scrap is not used to reclaim the scrap. Instead, the scrap might be stored in silos, day bins or gaylord boxes and reintroduced later into the process.

Since the construction of the very first material handling system in 1958, we have extended our tradition of innovation and craftsmanship to the enormous challenge of plastic scrap reclaim systems. As a provider of one of the world's broadest lines of plastic recycling equipment, our plant design team's broad-based expertise has made Foremost a leading designer of automated plastics recycling plants. We integrate engineered solutions into existing recycling plants, as well as design and construct complete new facilities.

When you choose scrap reycling equipment and systems from Foremost, you will not be getting a recycling solution based on a fixed system design and equipment from a single manufacturer. We design flexible recycling systems utilizing only the best recycling machinery for the job - where every machine is uniquely designed for its intended task based on the results of analysis and years of experience. Our granulators, metal separators and blenders meet the scrap reclamation needs of the plastics market, from small sprues and runners, to large finished parts. With our equipment, the reclamation and reprocessing of plastic material will save you money, time, capital and landfill space.

Using our own proprietary CAD tools and relying on the thousands of hours we spent on the development of an advanced CAD system, the Foremost team will select and design the appropriate level of automation for your plant recycling system. Whether you need just a simple PLC-based controller or a networked factory automation system, Foremost will engineer your recycling system for fast, reliable and trouble-free operation.

Our systems are used throughout every branch of the plastics industry. We specialize in designing scrap reclaim systems for plastic film or sheet and bottles. Together, our plant design team and proprietary CAD tools let us create a recycling solution that is cost effective, productive, and reliable.

So, whether you're working with HDPE, PET, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, foamed polystyrene, or other plastics, we have the right scrap reclaim equipment for you.

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Scrap Reclaim Systems


Scrap Reclaim Systems

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